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British Duathlon Champs 2012

British Duathlon Championships

Retained my title from 2011 at the British Elite Duathlon Championships.

The race at Loughborough on Sunday was a tough call, having missed almost 10 days training after returning from South America with a viral infection.

On a beautiful sunny day I led the men on the 5km run recording the fastest split of 15.08, just ahead of training partner Matt Gunby and a talented junior, Richard Horton of Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers.

Gunby and I managed to break away from Horton and the chasing group in the early stages of the 8-lap 20km bike ride, extending our lead to 50 seconds. The chasing group eventually started working effectively and in the last two laps reduced the deficit, which came down to 10 seconds as they reached T2. I completing the bike course in 30.14 and sprinted out of transition quickly opening a lead of 9 seconds on Gumby, maintaining this to the finish line and recording the fastest split for the 2.5km lap of 8.02 and a total time of 54.08, winning the title for the second successive year, ahead of silver medallist Gumby 54.21 and third placed Lawrence Fanous (54.37). Holton took the gold medal in the Junior Men’s race with a time of 54.27.


Salinas ITU Triathlon

Although Ecuador was much more accessible for training, the focus of this week is primarily to recover from the race in Lima and keep a lid on training.

Pearcey thought I over cooked some sessions leading into Lima which might have been the problem on the bike. As I’ve said before my first 2 years in Triathlon is all about gaining experience and learning from mistakes. Coming from a running background I always found ‘ticking over’ into races worked for me, so much so that I would do a 10 minute tempo the day before a race. However, I’ve quickly found I can’t get away with stressing my body too close to a Triathlon, you need to be fresh if your going to go hard for 2 hours of racing!

I finished 2nd here, really happy to make my first ITU podium and for me more importantly my first lead pack swim. It’s been a dream to make a lead pack and not have to worry about chasing on to the group for the first part of the bike.

The race was pretty chilled until Matt Gunby came up to me on the second second lap of the bike asking for a bottle as his had both falling off. Anyone else and I wouldn’t have been so kind but since me and Matt have been the best of friends and training partners of 18 months so I gave him it. So we both had just one 750ml bottle for the 31 degree Olympic distance race!

The remainder of the bike went smoothly but I had a few problems in T2 as my bike kept falling off the rack so I had to chase hard after the 3 leading Argies.

Although I got out-kicked over the last 400m, by a the same Argentinian (Taccone) who came 2nd in Lima last week I was happy to podium. It’s still early in the season and once I’ve thrown a few track sessions in I know I’ll be a lot more confident in a sprint.

The day was made extra special as Lucy (girlfriend) won the women’s race in style. Happy Days!

See HHAC web site for a larger report. (via @BuckoSnr)

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